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Energy conservation is important no matter what your reasons are. They could be environmental, economic, or energy independence, but energy conservation always makes sense and has an immediate payback. 

In the United States, our main uses of energy are in transportation, and heating and cooling of homes and businesses.  While it can be fairly easy to track transportation usage (it generally is accounted for by either gasoline or diesel fuel usage), home energy often comes from more than one source (electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, etc.), and is used for a variety of tasks.

Typically, home energy usage is spit up between the following:

      - Space Heating:  31%

      - Space Cooling:  12%

      - Water Heating:  12%

      - Lighting:  8%

      - Computers & Electronics:  9%

      - Appliances:  9%

      - Refrigeration:  8%

      - Other:  8%

Source: US DOE 2007 Buildings Energy Data Book, Table 4.2.1., 2005 energy cost data.

There are many easy ways to conserve energy.

      - Buy a more fuel efficient vehicle: EPA Green Vehicle Guide

      - Drive less and more efficiently: Green Driving Tips

      - Use public transportation: Metro Transit

      - Buy Energy Star appliances: Energy Star Program

      - Use a shared car: Hour Car

      - Insulate: Insulation Contractors Association of America

      - Eliminate "Standby Power": Standby Power https://standby.lbl.govFAQs

      - Install a geothermal system: Geothermal Heatpumps

      - US Department of Energy Info on Homes

      - US Department of Energy Info on Cars

      - US Department of Energy Info on Tax Incentives

Check out our Thermal Imaging page for info on using thermal imaging to help you conserve energy in your home.

Energy Conservation

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