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Reduce Consumption and Purchases

The best way to reduce waste is to reduce consumption.  One way to do this is to resist buying that latest gadget that will be tossed out once the novelty wears off.  But no matter how much we simplify our lives and adjust our purchasing habits, we still need to buy things from time to time.  When a purchase is necessary, buy and use only what you need.  Buy permanent items rather than disposables whenever possible.  Try to buy only durable, high-quality products with the least amount of packaging.  Make sure the packaging is recyclable and made of recycled materials whenever possible.  Also, be sure to look for products with the least amount of toxic chemicals.  Live a simplified lifestyle with a lower level of consumption.  Replace buying ‘things’ with investing in experiences - and memories that will last a lifetime.  

Another great way to reduce your waste is to start paying bills on-line, or to have them paid automatically.  This will instantly reduce waste by cutting down on your incoming mail.  You can also call companies directly and have your name removed from their mailing lists.  This can be done each time you receive a mailing or catalog you do not want.  You can also sign up to opt out of incoming mailings at the following websites (Note: it may take six to twelve weeks for the mailings to stop arriving):

     - Catalogs:  Catalog Choice

     - Mailings:   Direct Marketing Association Choice

     - Credit Offers:  Opt Out Prescreen

     - Coupons:  Valpak

     - Phone Books:  Yellow Pages

It is also important to reduce your water usage, and therefore water wastage.  Checkout the EPA WaterSense website.  The following are estimated water usages for typical household activities:

     - Showering: 10-15 gallons

     - Tub bathing: 70 gallons

     - Toilet flushing: 3.5 gallons

     - Automatic dishwasher:  15 gallons  

     - Clothes washing:  35-60 gallons

By reducing the number of products we buy and the amount of water we use, we can each do our part to preserve our resources for future generations.

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